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    Moving is full of excitement as well as a stressful task. There must be many things going in your mind while thinking of relocating. Don't stress yourself much, just make a moving schedule of what thing is to be done at what time and stick to that schedule. 

1. Make A Moving Budget

Firstly, ask yourself how much amount you are willing to spend on relocation according to that budget and move your planning further to finding a moving company.

2. Find A Moving Company

  According to your budget, finding a moving company which is the most important step of relocating you can follow these steps for finding a moving company for you.

Step 1: See What Are The Red Flags

You should be careful while selecting a provider and watch out if the moving company is asking for a large advance payment before starting the work. You should check the company's background by visiting a website, reading reviews, and checking for certification, it is always advisable to get certified insured moving company.

Step 2: Make A List Of Reputed Moving Companies Near You

You must have options while choosing for such an important thing so you should get a list of options, it may take some time but it will make your moving very easy. You can get to know about the companies by your friends, family or through the internet. Our website LoServe also have wide range of moving service providers where you can compare all  the moving companies near you and find the best service provider for your relocation, we make your life easy by helping the best company for you, you can also send a quote if you’re not able to find your desired company and we will get back to you with the solution as soon as possible.

Step 3: Compare The Options

Now compare the list of options (at least three) on the basis of


Which company is providing you the best service at a lower price?

- Professionalism

Company which is more professional and have experienced and certified crew.

- Insurance

Is your service provider getting the insurance done for your things and if yes on what terms and conditions?

- Additional Charges

Most of the companies have the additional charges for the empty boxes so ask the providers how much extra charges will be there.

- Delivery Window

How much time does the company take to deliver your goods at your new place?

- Safety Measures

What are the measures they are taking for preventing Covid-19?

- Customer Support

How good is the customer support? How does the company respond to your queries? How well are they behaving with you? Is customer support helpful?

- Products They Move

Ask them about the products they can move. Some things are very expensive and fragile, for example a piano, can they move a piano or something you think is difficult to move.


3. Packing

Start packing and labelling, see what you want to take up with you to the new place and what you want to leave

4. Arrange A Move-Out Cleaning

After moving everything to the new place, arrange a move-out cleaning to clean all the junk left there. Consider LoServe to find a perfect cleaning service for you.